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What Are Natural Beaded Rows?


NBR Extensions create a beautiful mane with incredible manageability and the freedom to totally customize your look. NBR utilizes rows of hair that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape. It’s attached by first anchoring a row of thread and beads into the hair, then stitching the extension hair to the thread. Typically, an NBR application is made up of between one and three rows of hair, and the whole process takes between two to four hours from start to finish. Because the row of hair wraps all the way around the head, even one row can offer increased volume, or added length. When you add a second or third row, you’re able to achieve volume closer to the crown of the hair and extreme length. The stitching evenly distributes the weight of the extensions, balancing the hair so that there is no significant increase in pressure on any particular place.

Why Natural Beaded Rows?

  • NBR is the safest method of adding hair extensions on the market.
  • The process is chemical free, tape free, bond free, and braid free.
  • Minimal contact to natural hair.
  • Minimal points of contact to natural hair.
  • A full head of hair adding volume and length will have 20-30 beads. Versus traditional methods that use 100-200 bonds for volume and length.
  • Customized color for a seamless blend that melts into natural hair.
  • Flexibility with amount of hair added and placement to meet the need of each individual.
  • Can have an active lifestyle. Allowing you to pin your hair up high without showing attachments.
  • Easy 10 minute removal without having to remove any adhesive.


The initial investment for NBR extensions ranges between $900- $2000. This will include the extension hair, color application to natural and extension hair, application, cut & style. Expect to have a tidy up every 6-8 weeks. With each tidy up the row(s) will be removed, color refreshed, and re-applied. First row tidy up is $100, and an additional $75 for each row after. The tidy up does not include color for natural hair. Because the need for color refreshes on natural hair vary between a simple root touch up to a more detailed services like highlights, they are all priced a la cart. Most hair will last between 4-6 months. Wefts can be sold separately to “refresh” and give you that new hair feel throughout the course of you wearing your NBR extensions.

NBR Extensions Pricing

First Time Client’s initial visit $800-$1500

For new clients, there is a $500 non-refundable deposit required in order to set up your appointment. This deposit goes towards your appointment total. The total investment covers your Natural Beaded Row Extensions, seamless customized color, cut and styling.

For returning clients, a la carte pricing:

Color of your hair and the Bohyme Luxe extensions $95-$250

Tightening of the first row $100

Tightening each additional row $75

Tightening of a mini row $50

Additional hair(per piece) 18” $75 22” $85

If we have to cut apart row to add new hair $40 (When adding additional hair, we always do 3 pieces at a time)

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